1. Preamble

    1. Terms of reservation define the rules and regulations under which Customer can make a reservation and apartment rentals by Sopot Apartments (www.sopotapartments.com).
    2. Once the reservation is in force, all of the rules described here apply.
    3. Sopot Apartments hold the right to not accept the reservation.
  2. Booking options

    1. By Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    2. Phone: +48 503 337 559
    3. Reservation form on www.sopotapartments.com/reservations.html
    4. For Corporate customer other options are possible and shall be agreed individually.
  3. Booking conditions

    1. After sending a booking request the Customer will receive a message with the initial confirmation of booking with all further instructions (details of payment, check in time, check out time, and keys handover).
    2. Reservation is in force once the advanced money / returning damage deposit is paid due to the certain date.
    3. Reservation is also in force when the Customer will send the proof of money transfer via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    4. Lack of payment will result in cancelation of the reservation and initial confirmation.
    5. Returning damage deposits vary between 10% and 30% of the total rental fee and depend on the owner policy and the rental period.
    6. Season in Sopot Apartments is split into three seasons:
      1. Low season:
        01.10-23.12, 08.01-27.04
      2. Mid season:
        28.04-23.06, 01-30.09, 24-31.12-07.01
      3. High season:
    7. Minimum rental period of the apartment in High Season is 3 nights .Shorter rentals are possible if they are an extension of an existing booking or by individual agreement (additional costs may apply).
    8. Sopot Apartments collects from all Visitors tax in the amount of 4.20 PLN per day in compliance to the ordinance No. XXXIII/455/2013 as of 8th November 2013 implemented by Town of Sopot. Visitors’ tax is 50% rate for persons with severe level of disability (certificate of disability is required). Visitors’ tax is 10% rate for veterans and disabled soldiers (a proving document is required).
  4. Check in

    1. Check in time is from 3 PM. 1hr notice call or SMS prior to arrival is highly welcomed.
    2. Time of arrival should be communicated to Sopot Apartments on day prior to arrival at latest by call, SMS or email in format: CUSTOMER’S NAME – APARTMENT ADDRESS- ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL (ETA)
    3. Sopot Apartments representative will hand over the key to the customer and will show the apartment in person.
    4. Late check in (after 10 PM) requires additional fee of 25 Euro.
  5. Check out

    1. Check out time is from 8 AM till 10 AM.
    2. Every check out before 8 AM should be communicated and agreed with Sopot Apartments latest one day before the departure by call, SMS or email in format: CUSTOMER’S NAME – APARTMENT ADDRESS- DEPARTURE TIME.
    3. Sopot Apartments representative will collect keys to the apartment directly from customer and will carry out the inspection of the apartment.
    4. In case of immediate damages observation, proper amount of money from the damage deposit will be charged respectively to the damage caused.
  6. Cancellation Policy and changes to the reservation

    1. Any changes to the existing reservation must be reported as soon as possible by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Change to the reservation is valid only after receiving written confirmation and acceptance from Sopot Apartments.
    2. 100% of refunding applies if the reservation is cancel 30 days prior check in date or more. Any cancellation after that period (later than 30 days prior to the reservation) is not refundable.
    3. Advanced money/returning damage deposit is fully refundable in case when reservation is moved to another date in the same calendar year and the total price for the rental is not less than origin value of contract.
    4. In case of shortening the reservation Customer must inform Sopot Apartments by phone or email about this fact at least 14 days before. Shortening the reservation after this period will not result in any refunding.
    5. Sopot Apartments reserves the right to offer an alternative Apartment of the same or higher standard if special circumstances (i.e. devastation) or ‘Act of God’ will occur. Sopot Apartments will inform the Customer about such a situation immediately.
  7. Customer obligations

    1. Curfew in very apartment starts at 10 PM and ends at 6 AM. Please kindly respect it.
    2. All properties managed by Sopot Apartments follow non-smoking policy. Please respect it. Violations to this rule may result in fee of 100 Euro.
    3. Customer is obliged to inform Sopot Apartments immediately about any damages, losses in equipment in rented property or missing private items.
    4. Between 10 PM and 6 AM only authorized guests can stay in the apartment. Contract between Customer and Sopot Apartments determines exact number of persons authorized to stay in rented property. For every non authorized person in the apartment additional fee of 50 Euro applies.
    5. In case of losing the keys additional fee of 100 Euro will apply.
    6. Please turn the lights off and close all the window when leaving the apartment.
    7. Apartment is a place for relaxing, sleeping, eating. NO PARTY please.
  8. Final

    1. Booking on www.sopotapartments.com is
    2. Sopot Apartments does not accept any liability for damage to property or personal suffered by you or third parties during your stay in the apartment.
    3. Sopot Apartments is not liable for any inconvenience caused during your stay connected with: construction work or renovations that may occur in the surrounding of rented property, noise from different apartments as well us for any interruptions in the supply of energy, water, gas, heating, internet, etc. that stays beyond the influence of Sopot Apartments.
    4. Sopot Apartments is not responsible for any private belongings left in the Apartment.
    5. If necessary Sopot Apartments reserves the right to enter the apartment without a Guest's permission.
    6. In case of violations to the Terms of reservation and breaking regulations described above, Sopot Apartments has the right to terminate an agreement with immediate effect without refunding costs for the remaining days of rental.
    7. Booking on www.sopotapartments.com, Customers agree to put their personal data in a database of Sopot Apartments . The data will be processed solely for the booking and marketing purposes in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29.08.1997 on the protection of personal data. Read more in Privacy policy.
    8. Polish law is the only law applicable to disputes between Sopot Apartments and the customers. Local court is the appropriate institution to judge all the disputes.